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On The Button focuses on Web Design, Website Development, Web Hosting, Domain name setup, Social Media, Search Engine Optimization and other Web Consulting.

From start to finish I am here to help you improve your business, strengthen your online presence and communicate your message.

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My name is Bettina. I was born in Switzerland and moved to British Columbia, Canada in 2007 to work as a Project Manager and Web Designer at a small Web Design company. After learning a lot, I started my on business in April 2013 called On the Button. Since then I have been working as a Freelancer beside my regular job. Sometimes I do more and sometimes less. What I enjoy about being a Web Designer is meeting new people with different businesses and getting to know their ideas. It never gets boring because there is a lot of researching involved and you learn something new every day. As a Canadian I moved back to Switzerland in 2016. Currently my home is Chur.


  • Web design
  • Website development
  • Wordpress, Joomla and other CMS
  • Website updates


  • Web hosting setup
  • Domain name and email setup
  • Social media marketing
  • Search engine optimization

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